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I hope you find the links listed on this page helpful.
- Father Larry



Anglicans On Line

Anglicans On Line is full of news as well as information for people interested
in learning more about the world wide Anglican Communion and the
Episcopal Church.

Gothic Garments

Those looking for vestments or monastic apparel in particular will find Gothic Garments (Monastic Garments) very helpful.


The Taize Community and its music have had a wonderful influence on Father Larry's spiritual practice.

Sojurners Magazine

Father Larry believes the work of creating a more compassionate and sustainable world is the moral and spiritual responsibility of every man and woman of faith, and therefore recommends Sojurners as a Christian magazine that takes such issues seriously.

Adbusters Magazine

Adbusters a secular activist magazine, also takes creating a more compassionate and sustainable world seriously.

Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Larry Hurtado’s Blog is a wonderful site dealing with questions of
contemporary Biblical scholarship with intellectual integrity and depth.

Imaginative Images

Imaginative Images is the design business belonging to Phyllis Atha, the graphic and web designer who created this web site, and designed the layout for four of Father Larry's books.




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