Portait of Father Larry Hart

Father Larry Hart:
ECC Priest, pastoral counselor, spiritual director and author of Alleluia is the Song of the Desert, and Hell's Abyss, Heaven's Grace.


Dedicated to expanding the mystery  of the ages which is Christ in you –  the living hope of God

I hope you will find this a place of hope, help and enjoyment. My intention is for it to embody the Dominican motto –
To Pray, To Bless, To Preach.

To Pray, of course, includes saying and reciting prayers, and it includes praying without any words at all, so that we learn to pray as we breathe, without thoughts or words or images until we become prayer.

To Bless, is to show compassion and kindness. The deeper we descend to that placeless place where God’s Spirit and our spirit touch, the larger will be our concern for the poor and vulnerable. To be compassionate is to practice the politics of Jesus.

To Preach, may mean giving a sermon but it may also include many other things – art, music, writing, acts of compassion, simply being the best us we can be as we go through the twenty-four hours of the day.



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